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What is your Stuff worth?

There’s a big question, unfortunately we don’t get the answer until after the sale. Researching recent sales of similar items gives a very reliable estimate of what can be expected. An element of risk will always exist in auctions. Risk can be minimized by the use of a Minimum Selling Price or Reserve. Recent sales, trends and Pros and Cons of Reserves will be presented when discussing your consignment. Maximizing your return is our mission. The better you do, the happier we will all be.

The usual indicators of value are rarity, quality, and condition. The higher your items rank high in these areas, the more ready and able buyers are waiting to compete for your prize. The speed, reach and access of eBay and the Internet allow us to introduce more bidders to your items.

Our business is high quality presentation of quality items. Our auction listings use larger, higher quality images than those typically found on-line. Our images, descriptions and solid eBay history enhance on-line buyer’s confidence, encouraging them to bid in comfort for your items.

The auction process runs on trust. We work hard to build confidence in our consignors and buyers. A successful auction results when multiple bidders compete for a desirable item. The more bidders and the more determined those bidders, the higher the selling price. An attractive item, well presented to a large pool of buyers is almost certain to sell well.

The beauty of auctions is that all parties, the Consignor, the Buyer and the Auctioneer can all win simultaneously. By selecting high quality items, marketing and describing them well and accurately, we can all achieve our goals.

Lets find out what your stuff is worth

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