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Belmont, MA  02478


We offer a range of services to effectively market your items

  • On-line sales are especially good for high-demand, recognizable, readily shippable items like antiques, collectables or cameras, particularly items with strong international demand.

  • Site Auctions, Estate or Tag Sales for bigger, expensive to ship, lower value items like modern furniture, appliances and common household goods

  • Specialty Live auctions for finer antique or other high quality furniture, carpets, art, jewelry,

  • Clean-out and donation or disposal of unsaleable leftovers

The Consignment process begins with a discussion of your items,
  1. The return they are likely to generate
  2. The most favorable marketing strategy
  3. Estimate of associated fees
  4. Meeting either in person, by phone or email at your convenience
  • Next, a hands-on evaluation and inventory at your site

  • Items for on-site sales are prepared and priced

  • Items to be sold off-site are then carefully packed and transported to our facility

  • Some items will receive cleaning or minor repairs as warranted

  • Items to be sold on-line will have high quality Digital Images prepared. Studio lighting maximizes detail and image clarity, giving on-line buyers a next best to being there view of your items

  • Detailed item descriptions written and on-line auction listings posted on eBay or other sites

  • You can check your item's progress on-line at your convenience. Watching only Please, No Bidding.

  • All bidder’s inquiries are addressed and auction details managed

  • Payments are collected, before any items are shipped

  • Items professionally packed & shipped

  • Your check mailed promptly

We take care of everything - Consign your items and for a reasonable fee, we do the rest
Massachusetts State Auctioneer License No. 2515